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'When I Wake up'

Illustrated by Hattie Hyder, written by Ming and Joanna Lui

"What will I do tomorrow? I'm a little curious..." When I Wake Up is a quirky tale about a child who is grumpy at the prospect of going to bed... that is, until her curiosity takes over and the magic of imagination begins.

'Rosie and the Queen'

Cover Art by Hattie Hyder, written by Mabel Quartz

Young Rosie, the queen's stable groom, has a big secret that she does not want Queen Strivia to know.
One day, unexpectedly, Rosie is assigned to ride on the queen's carriage and attend the carriage horses, then Queen Strivia becomes the focus of a mysterious plot. Will the queen learn Rosie's secret?

'When I was Your Age'

Album art by Hattie Hyder, music and lyrics by Nathalia Music

Original bilingual children's music. Nathalia and her band of talented musicians have perfomed at a number of venues including festivals, museums, schools, conferences and more. She has been a featured guest on Univision's Despierta America, CBS's The Talk, and her music has been featured on a number parenting blogs and online radio stations.

'Why is Cooper Barking?!'

Illustrated by Hattie Hyder, written by Corinna Cincotta

Cooper, a small, loud, and big-hearted dog, believes he is protecting his family by barking at people and animals he dislikes. However, his family does not always appreciate his efforts.

'Going Reptile'

Illustrated by Hattie Hyder, written by Martha Hamilton

Going Reptile shows up in many different ways and intensities. We can “go reptile” at work, at home and in social situations. This affects us, and those around us. The impact is often much greater than we realize. When we “go reptile”, we enter into an automatic reactive mode.

'If I had My Way for only a Day'

Illustrated by Hattie Hyder, written by Mabel Quartz

A young boy imagines what he would do if he had a whole day to do whatever he wants. Wonderful illustrations by award winning children's book illustrator, Hattie Hyder. Be an "If" kid and never stop dreaming big!

'Piddle and Sniff'

Illustrated by Hattie Hyder, written by Dante and Edyth Miles

A stray pup, scavenging on the street, can dream big. And that's just what Dante did. He knew that he was destined for greater things. All he needed was to find the right family to love and his dreams of a better life would come true. The perfect book to share before bedtime...

'Peek-A-Boo Cloud, Peek-A-Boo Sun'

Illustrated by Hattie Hyder, written by Sheri Frazier

Come along with Cloud and Sun as they play a peek-a-boo game. Your child will soon be chiming in as Cloud makes a shape and Sun says its name. Is it a bunny? Hop, hop, hop. Or is it a bubble? Pop, pop, pop! 

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